Just another... Manic Monday :)

 I did a lot this past week so I will try and squeeze only the important things in. :) 
First thing I did was went shopping... at salvation army that is. I tried to challenge my sister and I to find a complete summer outfit that looked like something out of a fashion magazine and keep it under $30. It was a lot harder than I thought but it helped me learn a lot. You will hear more about this thrift visit later this week and see how we did. :)

 I have also been trying to fill the shop up with new unique items as always. This is a naturally fallen bird's nest in blue mason jar. So simple but I find it sooo beautiful!
 I have tons of shelves like these around my apartment that I keep filled with trinkets I find. I decided to share this one that is up for sale in the shop. All contents are included. I will be talking more about curiosity cabinets in a post later this week! 
 Finally put the beautiful blue mason jars to use! :)
 Finished and listed the zen candle holders and ended up keeping one for myself :)
 Then we tried hard to have a two girl fashion shoot. It was just me and my sister. If you have never done a photo shoot just for fun... you need too! It's soo fun and even funnier when you go through all the embarrassing pictures where your face looks as if it was ran over by a truck. We laughed so hard.
 50% thrifted 50% made. Watch for the post later this week!
 I like to over edit some pictures... just like the look :)
I spent some big cash at TJ Maxers on these wedges... It was time for something new for a change. Plus they just make you feel like a model and that is the confidence I needed this week.
 :( We then went to the London Flea Market... I hadn't been in about 5 years. All of these animals just looked soo sad and when I got near them they started to freak out. I could only imagine why they acted like that. They were in cages smaller than they were. 
 I couldn't take pictures of all of them... too sad.
 Flea Land is right! Except... Flea land has just become a mall for wholesalers. No real cool vintage stuff to be found :(   just tons of people like fleas all over.

 This puppy was soo sad and cute if you could have only seen his eyes...
 Mini Pony!
 Leaving flea land... happy :) It was very sunny but cold.

 And my week ended with me... secretly wishing I had a little one. Seems like everyone is preggo. So for now I will just play with my dolly. 
 Do you like her blue wig? 
A girl can dream can't she? After all it is just another manic monday.

<3 Little Red Feather

I love comments!

Tell me about your week? How is your monday? Do you have any really good flea lands close to where you live ?

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  1. LOVE the blue wig! and that's a great way to use those blue mason jars. took a peak at them in your shop - lot's of very cool items there. happy monday :)


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