Fabulous Friday: Easter Smeaster!

Easter is Sunday? Oh really didn't have any idea. It's funny how when little ones aren't running around you can forget about Easter. I have 3 sisters and the youngest one just turned 18 so we are all officially adults. It's kinda crazy and sad at the same time. It feels like the next generation is right around the corner but none of us have even thought about family and kids. Even though I have wished for one. 

It's hard to realize your an adult and all your friends have families but you. I guess you could say that Justin and I are a family but it can be lonely at times... just the two of us. I would say the crappy part about it all is that you feel like your too old to celebrate things like Easter.

I always remember Easter as waking up searching for Easter baskets, dying/ hunting for eggs and getting to see long lost cousins. This Easter is just going to be different but at least my little sister called and said we should have a family dinner. At least she still has a bit of spirit in her.

So as I thought about it I figured there is no reason to not celebrate the kid stuff on Easter and I am thinking of upgrading some Easter activities to make them more adult. 

Here is what I am thinking....

Easter Basket Cocktails via

Rim a martini glass with thick simple syrup and then dip into dyed green coconut flakes, then adorn with a little marshmallow peep. Think of it as your very own adult Easter Basket, but instead of being filled with candy, it’s filled with booze!
Prepare the glasses ahead of time and put them on a tray decorated with jelly beans and other seasonal delights for a stunning effect.
For the cocktail:
* 1 1/2 ounces Cherry Vodka
* 1/2 ounce Triple Sec
* 3 ounces Half and Half or Milk
* Dash Grenadine

Shake with ice until chilled. Pour into decorated glasses and serve.

Colored deviled eggs
Colored Deviled Eggs via
10 lghard boiled eggs
3 dash(es)food coloring
1 tspvinegar for each color you are using
1/2 cmayonnaise or miracle whip or half of each

  • Remove the shells from the hard boiled eggs and slice each egg in half
  • Remove the yolks from the egg halves and place in a bowl. Set the yolks aside.
  • Get enough glasses or mugs for the number of colors you want to use. Fill the mugs or glasses 2/3 of the way full with cold water.
  •  Add 3 drops of desired food coloring along with 1 tsp vinegar to each mug or cup.
  •  Place egg whites in the mugs and allow to sit in the food coloring until desired color is reached. I could fit 3 egg whites in each of my mugs at a time
  •  Remove whites from dye and drain on a plate lined with a couple of paper towels.
  •  Take the reserved yolks and mash them with a fork. Then mix in the 1/2 cup mayonnaise with the mashed yolk.
  •  Pipe or spoon the yolk mix into the colored egg whites.

How to blow & fill your eggs with thangs!!! EXCITING!!! the Adults at Stephanie'sEggggstra-special Easter Egg Extravaganza are gonna GET IT!!!!!!! ;p
Dyed Confetti Eggs Party Game via

Yummy doesn't that look good?
Giant Paper Poppy Flowers- Martha Stewart

And maybe a giant paper flower making party with the sisters
giant tissue paper flowers

And maybe some cute baskets... inspired by the strawberry wood containers I found like this...
Top Tiers Easter Basket
Smart twist on a peep!
Chocolate Dipped Peeps Easter Treat Frost the Cake by FrosttheCake, $12.00
Oh... and kinda wanting ribs!
Already planned your main course for Easter Dinner? Appetizers are a delicious way to include traditional lamb dishes into your celebration. Our Appetizer Package includes 2 package of Lamb Ribs (32 ribs) that make for great finger food when steamed and then finished on the grill. We are also including 2 package of our best selling Rosemary Garlic Sausage, which pair perfectly with a sweet and spicy mustard.

Now that I am reflecting it looks like I am pretty preoccupied with food. I told Justin that this week we would not eat out at all because that is our normal routine. I thought it would save money and help me lose weight but I have gained 2 pounds this week and feel like were spending a lot on groceries. I forgot how long it took to cook something but we are actually enjoying trying to cook something different every night. Lol but we have to take turns... cooking a real meal takes a lot of work!


What are your plans... any cool ideas?

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  1. these are some great ideas for a grown up easter. love the cocktail and those paper flowers!


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