DIY Thursday: Hippie Chic Shorts

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads up... that my little sister is posting for me today. I thought I would give her a try and let her see how fun it can be to post on the blog. Plus I think it's nice to have a different perspective around and she is always around anyway... so why not? I am hoping that she will continue to do some future posts for me!

  Hey guys! I'm Nicky, I'm 17 years old and Courtneys little sister. I enjoy anything indie/ hippie, jewelry and I love being out in nature! I also love LOVE pinterest! You can check me out here: 

My sister and I were digging through our closets to find some yard sale stuff and we found some old pairs of jeans. They were to dingy to sell so we thought lets make some cute and crazy shorts! Courtney's had a bunch of holes and were a little to short. And mine, well they were just a size too small! 
We were inspired by some shorts off Pinterest, look at how cute these

So I'll take you through the steps to make your own pair of shorts! 

 First we started out by cutting off the legs of the pants. Make sure not to cut them too short at first because you want to make sure you leave a little extra length for fringing and maybe when you try them on they might be just the right length! 

 Next we had to figure out exactly what we wanted to do with that pair of shorts; you could do things like bleach them, stud them, paint/spray paint them, add extra fabric, stitching them! Really anything that comes to mind! Be creative and let your self be crazy! 

For our shorts we did a combination of different techniques. Courtney did stitching, adding extra fabric,studs and a little bleach! I just did a little bit of spray bleach and I added some fabric!

 Now since our shorts were tight around the thighs, we just cut up barely along the seam of the side to add some extra breathing room! 
 I added a cute little doily to mine! Make sure you sew really good around the edges of any fabric! Especially if your gonna wash and wear them a lot! 
 Courtney added fabric to the place where she cut up the edges to loosen up the shorts.
 She also added a patch to the back pocket, a couple more patches to the front and then to top it off she studded them to add some shine! 
 Here is the finished product of hers from the back ! Very cute and explorer like! 
 Here it is from the front! 

 Here are mine from the front! I decided to leave my sides empty and curved the edges to make them look a little more hippie like. 
We both loved how they turned out and even took an adventure in them today we loved them so much! I hope you can get some creative ideas and spice up a pair of your own pants!

Which shorts did you like best?
What would you do to a pair of your own shorts?
Have you ever upcycled a pair of your own pants?


  1. Aw these are so cute! I totally want to try this espcially since summer is right around the corner! Thanks for the inspiration :D

  2. so nice to hear from your sister. don't ask me to decide which i like better, i love them both - such creative sisters!

  3. These are freakin adorable! I just got rid of a bunch of old jeans! Wish I had thought about this! I have so much extra fabric laying around, maybe I'll fix up a pair I kept just for cleaning and what nots!

  4. Thanks Hayley! I would like to see what you come up with!

  5. Cute !! I want to try this myself!! I like both pairs, you ladies made them very unique :)


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