Manic Monday: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

A snail I found in my mother's garden
 This weekend went by too fast to even get anything accomplished. It seems that as time moves faster I just get that much slower. With no car for a week now I have been riding my bike, which really slows down the pace of life. It makes me think about how much vehicles speed life up and how we take for granted things that exist among us.
My beautiful meow mix who has to live with my mom 
 I got to visit my moms for a bit and see her beautiful lilacs and my precious meow meow. I miss having a little kitty to cuddle with. Isn't he just soo handsome?
 We went grocery shopping lol... so much fun but I wanted to switch it up and go to kroger. They have a better selection of fresh food rather than boxed junk food. My goal this week is to not eat out at all this week so I got a bunch good food to make plenty of wholesome meals.
My breakfast this morning from Justin :) Nums
 Me and Justin have been whispering back and forth to each other that we wanted to go fishing. I really didn't want to fish just get out of the apartment for a bit. So it just happened you know how you don't know if something will really happen or not it just does. 
 Just a little old lake near where we live.
 The main thing was getting a fishing license.
Here was our little relaxation spot.
 His little tool box which I tend to giggle at just because I am always the one with a tool box of goodies.
 My fisherman!
 Ouch... kinda felt bad for those fish!
Being a good housewife... lol no I just really have been wanting to make chicken salad sandwiches like my grandma use to make.  
 They were deeeee lishhh I will show you the recipe later this week :)
Overall it was a wonderful little date that made me feel like love was fresh and new. I just hope this week does not fly by! It is spring break for the schools which means that I don't have to work after school for this week. Going to try to fill the shop back up with lots of good things for spring. Get ready for a festival which will be here before I know it. Need to finish some wholesale orders and find some instructors for a summer camp I am directing. Last but not least enjoy the week and plan for a yard sale this weekend. ;) Let's see if all that happens...

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