Surprise Surprise!!

Guess what?!!??? TODAY I GOT A PUPPY!!! I am now a proud mama to a Siberian Husky Pup born on 3/9/12... a big boy named.... well haven't figured out that part yet. I keep trying to think of names... but none have fit just right yet. 

 I thought we could name him Diesl, Dakota,  or Diago but now I like the name Spirit and Zeplin. Still figuring that out. 

 These are our first pictures together discovering the outside!

We had just spent our last bit of spending money on our trip to the smokies this past weekend and decided to check out the pet store when we saw him our jaws dropped. Yet we really couldn't afford him. He had just been brought in to the pet store a couple of hours before our eyes met. Me and Justin scrapped the apartment for change and our bit of savings and bought him. We also had to borrow a bit from my little sister :(. 

However he was worth it!! I have been wanting a dog just like this for some time now... and just had not come across one till now. I LOVE HIM! He fits me perfect. He was very shaky and scared at first but after a few kisses and play time he was fine!

What should I name him??? Help!!

What about smokey?


  1. Oh myyy gosh! I love Huskies! I am so envious right now! I like the name Zeplin. He looks like a Zeplin or even Zeus. Maybe just anything that starts with a Z? lol So cute! Congrats on your puppy! :]

  2. oh goodness I love this pup Hayley! You definately need one. I hadn't even thought of Zeus... which might be perfect cause he is going to be soo big... but he acts like such a baby lol. Too cute! Thanks!


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