Weekend Warrior: Fabulous Friday

So this will be the roundup to my Weekend Warrior Posts! I end it by giving you a handful of pictures and things that I am thankful for. 

 Thankful for a cute cousin...
 Thankful for a crazy uncle...
 Thankful for the support of our families boyfriends :P
 Thankful for all the sillyness each one brings to the family
 Thankful for Justin!
 Thankful for the only little boy cousin!
 Thankful that we still get along after all these years!
 Thankful for sisters
 Thankful for beautiful lifelong friends who will never let ya down!
 Thankful for variety...
 Wishing I was cool ...
 A head shot of my sisters and I... 
 A better picture of Elisha and I... Middle sisters!
 Thankful for my cousins!
 This is where I will be all spring and summer... my hammock!
 Thankful for a granny that is still kicking after all shes been through and she still manages to smile! Love he sooo much!

Thankful that no one gives up on her!

As you can see we did a lot of other things... we went bowling, rode the 4 wheeler's at my dads, and saw my grandma in the nursing home. Overall I couldn't have been anymore happier with the way it all turned out. I think about how good it was and I hope that this starts a new generation with our family. My grandma always wanted us to stay strong and be a family. For a moment in our life when marriages broke and things went crazy I thought it would never be like that again but I am glad I was wrong.

Sometimes I feel like a Positive polly! I guess tonight this is the case :)

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