Weekend Warrior: DIY

So... yes were are still just covering the weekend and I haven't even came close to covering all that was accomplished in that weekend. Like I said in the post before you have to have things planned in order for things to run smoothly. I had a couple of craft ideas which came together that weekend and here are some pictures to show what we did... :) We did three projects, giant paper flowers, tye dye and painted terra cotta planters with succulents. I was thankful for my older sister who did the tye dye and brought the baby succulents for us to plant.

 We followed some instructions for the paper flowers but tweaked them a bit.

 We colored the petals to add detail to the flowers...

 We folded the paper in a bunch of ways to make the petals 3D

 I will be using these for the outside of our festival booth... can't wait to see what it will look like!

 My older sister is a tye dye Queen... she loves it and I am glad she does because it is soo much fun for everyone!

 I experimented and used a doily... came out really nice!

 That is my older sister... she is proud of those bright colors!

 ps... wear gloves :p

 Justin brought me a bunch of old terra cotta pots from an abandoned home... so here is how we used them!

 Paint Tray!!

My sister brought shells, marbles, rocks and tiny mirrors along with different succulent cuttings to plant in the pots... It really made this project special!

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