Most Wanted Wednesday!

Today I bring you my most wanted items off of etsy for Wednesday! I am in a gypsy kind of mood and lurking for natural products so a lot of these items reflect that! I hope you enjoy! The links are in the captions so click away but try not to purchase ;) l

Oh So Tiny and Cute Mixed Windchimes - 142
Cute gypsy windchime!
Sale on 2 Water Color Paint Sets - Made from Stone and Flowers
Water colors made from Rocks and Flowers brought to you by... gypsya

Lulu Beauty Sampler Pack...ONE OF EACH...Gigi, Starlet, Marlena, Dame, Lulamae and She Belongs There
Lulu Beauty Sampler Perfume
vtg wool MEXICAN summer shoulder bag UNISEX
Wool Mexican Summer Bag
Wood Drawer - Miniature Curio Stone and Crystal Set
Curio Draw with Stones
vintage 1960s dress : LiLLY PULiTZER lime green 60s floral dress
Vintage Garden Dress
Tabletop Terrarium - Large Dodecahedron
Tabletop Open glass terrarium
Rosemary Peppermint Soap Round / Handmade, Cold Process / Organic Rosemary Leaves
Rosemary Peppermint Soap Round
Technicolour Tub Chair Designed by Ray Clarke Upholstery in Collaboration with YouMeWe
Technicolour tub Chair

Beautiful Antique Bracelet
Antique Gypsy Cuff
So did you see anything you liked? Any favorites? Something you didn't like?

Happy Hump Day ;)


  1. I love the Tabletop Open glass terrarium!

    1. ahhh... me too but the price kills me... I have thought about trying to learn to put glass together.. put that might be more money then buying it...

  2. I just bought some of those windchimes a couple weeks ago! I'm really excited to get them in the mail :) I was so impressed with the quality and I like that they were hand foraged with recycled metals.

    1. Did you buy from that shop... my grandma used to have bells like that and she hung them from the trees! They were so cool! I really want some!

    2. Yes i bought them from the shop you listed :) I just got them in a couple days ago, they are lovely and sound great! I'm so happy with the purchase!


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