DIY THURSDAY : Mother's Day Windchime

Mother's Day is literally right around the corner! The 13th to be exact so today I thought I would show you a inexpensive and unique gift you can make yourself that the mother in your life will love! 
Yeah for DIY Thursday!

Gather Materials....

  • Tools: hammer, pliers that cut wire, and a punch tool ( or any sharp object like a nail)
  • Essentials: Chain, loop findings of any kind
  • Spare Parts/Junk: Anything you can find that is metal and interests you! Get creative!
  • Base: I used an old tin jello mold that I got for a dollar at a thrift store but cookie cutters or anything you can think of will work!
My spare parts were things I had laying around like a key, old toy xylophone pieces, mini souvenir spoons, and dresser parts.

 First step is taking the base and punching two holes for a chain that will support the wind chime. This punch tool is one of my most used tools :)

 I widened the hole by moving my punch tool in a circular motions.

 I then inserted the chain through one hole and then through the other and locked the ends together with a loop finding.

 See how balanced and nice it hangs!

 Then I punched as many holes as I had items to hang evenly around the top edge of the jello mold.

 I then fastened an old skeleton key to a chain using a loop finding and secured it with another loop finding to the chain on the inside of the jello mold.

This will be my main item that helps create a beautiful sound!

 I then started fastening the found objects to the jello mold using the chain.

 I held up the pieces to see if I liked the length before attaching.

 I worked one side at a time to balance it out like you would with a science scale.

It took some time but it balanced out a lot easier then I thought. I also used vintage glass prisms which cast and reflected colorful light on the ground while I put it together. Kind of an unexpected ahhhh moment. :)

And there you have it a one of a kind found object wind chime for your Mom! I would have given this to my mother but I know she is probably reading this post so I will have to surprise her with something else and keep this for myself! 

So what do you think... gonna give it a try? 

Almost Friday!! Any plans this weekend?

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  1. Oh wow - this is super creative. This is one of the neatest ideas that I've ever seen!

  2. this is a great project! thanks for creating :)
    peace & love!

    1. Thank you I checked out your blog and love your work! I will be a regular for sure! :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! This actually took a bit of time!


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