Fabulous Friday: Dadio

It is crazy to think how two people can bring you into this world. The power they have and the love that allows them to do so amazes me. To think that if my dad did not exist... I wouldn't be here right now is a strange web of unanswered thoughts. While this may not make perfect sense my whole reasoning behind it is that today is my Dad's birthday. Today I will be thinking about how my dad has effected and influenced me in so many ways. The mere fact that I exist is all thanks to the 2 wonderful parents of mine and I thank my lucky stars every day for that. 

One thing that my dad taught me was to appreciate life. As I grow up and watch my friends and other people I encounter go through life I realize that some of them were not as lucky to learn that. Life is a gift and many sacrifice their life to drugs, alcohol or any other kind of addiction. Everyone has an addiction at one point in their life but in order to overcome that you must have an appreciation of life. 

This is the camper me my 3 other sisters my mom and dad live while my dad built our house.

My dad also taught me discipline. If your going to do something, you should do it to the best of your ability  or simply not do it at all. You should give everything you do in life your best shot because you never know where it will take you or what it will teach you. I clearly remember how my dad would have us do our chores... there was a certain way to sweep that to him was the fastest and cleanest way to do so. 

One of the last of 3 major life changing things my dad taught me was how to work with my hands. You could say my dad is a Renaissance man. He built every house we ever lived in all by himself from the plans to the foundation to the laying of brink. He has fixed any and every vehicle that gave us trouble, everything from putting a clutch in to rebuilding a motor on any car. He is also very very smart, anything from history to mathematical equations he will have your answer. My dad could make anything you ask him to make and honestly I mean anything if you have the money to do so.

So here's to my dad for being there and still being here thank god! I love him more then he will ever know ! 

PS These pictures are from when we first moved to Kentucky and my dad was building our house. The only reason we could afford to live there was because he built it himself. We lost the house when my parents got a divorce under 10 years ago but these photos are my best memories of my dad as a little girl watching him build our home. 


  1. This is such a heartfelt post. Your dad sounds like a truly amazing man.

  2. what a sweet and loving tribute to your dad. bet he's real proud of you. happy birthday!


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