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Please Welcome Miss Megan my very first Guest blogger! I have been stalking this ones blog for sometime and her DIY posts are awesomely amazing so be sure to check out her blog. She is just too cute and creative! 

Why hello lover. 
I'm Megan of MeganMakesCute, my blog is full of DIY projects and inspirations to make pretty things to wear. Most of my materials come from things I find at thrift stores or things I just have lying around. Stop by some time, say hello, we'll have a cup of tea together.
Miss Little Red Feather has kindly asked me to do a guest post so of course I said yes! Today I'm going to show you how to turn an old (or thrifted in this case) suede coat into a groovy fringe vest. Since festival season is in full swing I thought this would be a great and easy project that you can make a show off. It's always nice to have some movement in your dancing.
You will need-
An old suede or leather coat
Scissors, Needle, Floss, Chalk
First thing you want to do is deconstruct your coat. Cut off the sleeves, the collar, the bottom hems, and linings. This coat had shoulder pads and please please cut those out as well. When I'm cutting the sleeves off of things I like to go at a bit of an curve, I think it's more flattering and less manly on my shoulders. 
So now you should have something that looks roughly like this. Now would be a good time to secure any seems that are starting to unravel, trust me you don't want it to fall apart later in the project. It's frustrating. 
Now we make fringe. Start from the back, it's the flattest part of the jacket and it'll help you get the most even, concise lines. 
When you get to the front flip your coat inside out and create a guide line, it'll help keep your fringe even. Continue until the whole bottom half is done. There you have it! Fringe vest. And now the fun part...
Add some fun embroidery in bright, contrasting colors. 
If you've decided to make a back piece I recommend busting out that chalk again and lightly sketching it out. 
If the embroidery still easy enough jazz, add some beads. I wanted it to be a little more subtle so I added three beads every 5th-6th strand of fringe, but only in the front. 
There you go! Rock your new vest with as many accessories as you can handle and enjoy the summer. This is great for festivals, shows, and if you're a little more like me, just everyday wear. 
I hope you take this project to new levels and go crazy with embellishments and styling.

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  1. I used this to make a vest of my own! Thank you for the great tutorial :D


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