Photo Journal: Slow

Taking my time working on my environment and personal projects. I have been pushing myself to post but I see that isn't working so well for me at the moment.

I took this picture of a turtle who was hiding under a tarp in my backyard a couple weeks back. The little guy made me think of that good ole saying slow and steady wins the race.

 Remember back when I mentioned I was going to be able to get a new computer finally? Well it still hasn't happened. There just wasn't enough money. However I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get one after the two festivals in the end of september..... in other words I am really working my bottom off trying to get inventory in order to make money. So that't basically the excuse I tell myself ;)

The problem is that I decided to redo my whole studio and that's been taking up a lot of creative juice. I can't wait to show you the transformation!

Happy Monday! (only because its over ;?)  )

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