The Artist Statement

I have actually been spending a little less time on the internet because of some cool projects that have come my way. Some of the most obvious are two really big festivals that I have to stock up and prepare for. The other big project is to create a work of art for a show.

This "show" is become very important to me because of what it is about. I felt that if I let it slip by without making a statement I might as well give up on my purpose in life. That being the importance of art in schools.

If I never had experienced art and learned how to freely create I could not exist and be happy. The effect art has had on my enjoyment of life surpasses any other exhilarating feeling I have ever known. I didn't have a purpose until I had art. I couldn't dream of a happy child who never experienced art, it just doesn't exist in my world.

I could fill a 10 page paper easily with the reasons art is important in a child's life and honestly not skim the surface. Art is Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Psychological. In other words it touches a child's mind, heart, soul, and body allowing that child to teach and express them self in ways that no other activity could attempt.

My work is inspired by innocent objects and discovering how to provoke new ideas from preconceived images. I was once crossed with the question of whether art is just another pollutant that ends up in the dump and in my own way used this as inspiration to prove that idea wrong. Almost all of the materials I work with were recycled from objects that would have ended up in a landfill.

Art is about experience and experience is how you teach yourself. If our children can teach themselves and come up with new ideas the world becomes a better place.

So... there it is the four paragraphs above this make up my artist statement which has to be submitted with the two works I have created tomorrow! Truth... I have never wrote an artist statement and have never really submitted artwork for a show soo... I am pretty excited and scared.

Trying to reach back into the artist inside of me and it really feels good so I hope that I am not rejected. I will be putting pictures of my finished work up Monday so stay tuned and let me know what you think.

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  1. sounds awesome! it takes guts to submit your work and write an artist statement. i'm so excited for you and i can't wait to see your work!


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