Things Stuff Nonsense and Drama

If I could have described to you my spare room studio in a nutshell it would be something along the lines of this..... toys, dolls, supplies, recycled, specimens, magazine scraps, vintage stuff, games, rocks, feathers, jars, moss, shelves, bits and bits of cloth scraps, kid art supplies, half full nonsense containers, lots of thread, mish mash kaleidoscope of color.... just utter NONSENSE. I mentioned a while back about finally getting it cleaned up and working in there again but I soon realized that the STUFF is what kept me away. So much JUNK... I was just so overwhelmed by it all and half of it really didn't reflect who I have become in this past year with my business.

Yes.... September 25th will mark one year with me starting a business. I am hoping to have some posts that detail the journey along with advice and helpful tips for those who are interested. Fingers crossed that I will be able to have an awesome extravagant sale in the shop to celebrate. Life has been throwing me a lot of interesting projects lately so I hope I can dedicated the time needed for that.

The past couple of days I forced myself to divide all the THINGS I had in my studio into piles on the floor according to what type of item they were like toys, nature and vintage to name a few. I tell you there were a lot of different piles. I never felt so much like a hoarder... I actually stepped away because it was so overwhelming. The breaks helped but what was really helpful in doing this was that I could see what was actually going on in that room. I realized that it was too much and too many.

 I decided put the toys away... I thought about selling them but I kept thinking of why I would want to keep them.... (crazy hoardish thinking) So I just packed them away so when I get that burst of getting rid of again I'm sure I will be ready. I literally have taken about a third of my supplies out of the room to sell this weekend at the yard sale because I have a bit of everything... well maybe a few bits. I am one of those people who can find a use for anything and see everything as a supply... so most of my supplies that I am getting rid of may seem like trash to others.

I really embraced the nature aspect and I decided that since nature is what originally inspired the business than that should be what surrounds me when I work. So that is what I am working on now... yes still working. At least at this point I feel like I want to be in there so that is a good thing.

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