My First Year Part One: Favorite Sales

Tricked out large canvas bag long strap original design don't let your dreams catch dust
the very first item I sold on etsy

It's officially been one year and I can't believe it. A lot has happened and a lot has changed with my little shop. I have so much to share and say that I decided to divide this post up into parts so that it isn't an overload. Today I wanted to share with you my favorite items that I sold this past year. It was hard to choose so there are quite a few! One thing you will notice is that all of these items were one of a kind so they are not for sale in the shop anymore :( I miss them. Anyway it goes to show that my first year has been a lot of trial and error and success and discovery. So here are 21 of the 699 sales that have happened this past year.

snapshots souvenir from zanesville ohio vintage photo album genuine leather
2nd item I ever sold to a girl who wanted to get it for her anniversary because she was from Zanesville!

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL vintage indian mexican blanket rusty brown white gray navajo stripes
The first of many vintage mexican blankets that have sold in my shop and by far my favorite to take pics with!

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL vintage indian mexican blanket maroon red white gray rainbow mix navajo stripes

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL vintage indian mexican blanket lavender purple white gray rainbow mix navajo stripes

vintage super soft brown leather cowboy boots for woman size 6 perfectly worn in very cool
super soft vintage boots I sold... they were too small for me or I would have kept them

eye of the beholder adjustable bronze blue eye ring
The first little invention of mine... the eyeball ring!

the ultimate gypsy abstract dream catcher rainbow deluxe complete with healing crystal
the abstract dreamcatcher... by far a favorite of mine

The Zen Terrarium
one of the first terrariums I created

LAST ONE in STOCK The Bleeding Heart Terrarium Special Edition
my first specialty holiday item for valentines day!

Yellow it's Me Again Vintage Telephone
yellow there! one of my favorite vintage sales... sold within one day of posting!

gandolf is looking for a home please adopt miniature gnome terrarium plant decor
my favorite little gnome that I created a long time ago

The Weird Science Terrarium
weird science terrarium

Wholesale Order for Kim
I got to do quite a few wholesale orders with a lovely lady in Australia who runs a little fairy shop

custom keds new tennis shoes size 8.5
only made one pair of these but I did love them soo... custom keds

vintage indian mexican blanket deep purple white gray rainbow mix navajo stripes

This is what Dreams are Made Of Dream Catcher
what dreams are made of dreamcatcher

Cosmic Rainbow Titanium Crystal Knuckles Ring
my first crystal ring!

RESERVED STARSCOMEOUT Complete Curiosity Shelf Display
my first curio cabinet collection

Custom Order for Gazalle Lavender Home Sweet Home
I got to do 4 wedding orders this year.. this was the first for a beautiful lady

So I hope you enjoyed this... it has been weird looking back and seeing all of the items that have sold.
Stay tuned for more parts to this story


  1. such nice things... I love the crystal ring!!! if you ever make one of those again I will be the first one to buy it! :)

  2. congrats on one year! i love your style... glad i just stumbled across your blog x


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