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I have been fooling around a lot more with my blog lately, attempting to learn html and using my new cs5 program to get better images on the blog. I'm also taking two ecourses... one pertaining to business and the other to blogging. I have been spending a lot of time researching how to do specific things to my blog and a while back I came across a post by Wonder Forest on adding a Favicon.

So did you know that you can add a little image to replace that orange and white blogger symbol in the tab when you open your blog?

Well you can and you can personalize it too! It's called a favicon!! I know most of you have but those of you who haven't, it's pretty neat and a lot simpler than I thought.

If you look at the tabs or beside the address bar above you should be able to see my new favicon I created last night!! Can you tell what it is? I literally drew this one up myself so I am wondering if you can figure it out.

Here's the thing... it is literally this simple....
go to this site http://www.favicon.cc/
and you can either upload an image that it will transform into tiny pixels
or you can draw one out yourself in those pixel format on the site (it is a bit strange at first because it is so pixelated)!


 That's what I did last night! It did take a couple of attempts but you can see the progress up in the address bar while you create it.

Once you have something you like all you need to do is download it. *** be sure to click the blue download favicon link under preview. They have a silly ad beside it that says download (which I am sure is how they get people to click it) and it will install something else on your computer... I made that mistake... opps.

Then just go to your layout section on blogger and notices in the top left  it has a place to add your favicon. Upload the image there and save arrangement! I still don't see a change on my computer but it says that it can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to do so. However my sister can see it on her computer... so can you see it???

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