Fabulous Friday: The day has come!

Today at 5:15 I go to the opening of the show my two works have been included in! Why is this such a big deal... because it's the first show/gallery I have ever been in!! I have only tried to get my work accepted one other time during my second year of college for a show held by the art student association. It was disappointing because I wasn't chosen. I actually tried to submit a work that was not finished. I was just so anxious to be in a show that I said on the description that the work wasn't finished. Looking back I can see why it wouldn't have been chosen but it definitely burned out my yearn for being in a show.

I have always had issues with my work. One of them being that I never know when to stop or finish a piece. Many of my professors would tell me that the saying less is more... did not define my work. In my case it was more is more and in a lot of ways it worked well but in some it didn't work at all. My second issue has always been finding consistency and developing from "craft" to "art". I really enjoy doing all forms of art but have not mastered or specialized in just one like most artists do. That's where I feel like my art turns into craft which is something I am not disappointed by but I would like to see it grow into something more.

So today begins a new chapter in my life where I can look at someone and confidently say I am an Artist. That's always been a hard thing to say. I am not just one of those people who thinks that word can be thrown around lightly. I tell the kids at my after school program that they are all artists. The thing is that children need the confidence boost and hope. When your an adult you have to prove your worth. Say what ever you want but no one is going to consider you what you think you are unless you prove it.

So I am so nervous, excited, scared and thrilled. So much that I have not officially invited anyone to come with me tomorrow. I just feel like I need to see it for myself before anyone else does but most likely I will be bringing my little sister if she doesn't end up working.

I am proud to say that I have overcome the feeling of more and I think etsy has helped me achieve that. I am also starting to discover the kind of art I like and need to create... which ties together the idea of craft becoming art. How ironic!?

Remember how I mentioned the other week about life changes throwing my life around... well it looks like those itty bitty changes have given me enough of a confidence boost to feel like I can achieve anything. Still wondering what will be the next thing to try to knock me down but trying at the same time to enjoy this little ride I am on right now in life. It seems to be looking up and the person I have always wanted to be seems to be in reach.


  1. you are an artist. look at that piece, look at your shop, this blog. enjoy this. you're an inspiration.

    1. Thanks Lisa... you really made me feel better! :)

  2. I love that doll head piece so much


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