There is a slight twist to this diy... but I would like to inform you first that the original idea was that of A Beautiful Mess. It was posted back in may and a few weeks after that I tried the idea. The problem was it didn't work for me.
Denim lace button up 1
This was the issue (see picture below) I wore the shirt one day... had a ton of compliments but it slowly unraveled. I was so frustrated that I threw the shirt in a box under a bunch of other projects that had failed. Until the other day. I wanted to have the shirt for fall since its kinda chilly but still warm. I went thrifting and ran into a plasticy lace. It was stiffer and unlike the soft cotton I originally used, I thought this might work. 

So I redid the lace and it did work! I wanted to share this with you because a beautiful mess doesn't give you specifics on the kind of lace which was something I didn't think would matter but did. So let's begin with supplies!!

You Need...
A sewing machine
A large piece of Lace... (don't choose soft cotton pick something stiffer and with a plasticy feel to it)
and a button up (mine was thrifted $3.00!!)

 Start by cutting out the back of your shirt along the edge of the seams

 Lay out your lace and use the back piece of your button up you cut out as a pattern for the lace.

Use the edge of the piece of lace as your bottom of the shirt so you don't have to try to sew this later.

Leave an inch or two around to allow room for sewing.

Match it up on the inside of your shirt the same way as the piece you cut out and removed.

 Pin the edges...

 and sew!!! Take your time and move slowly this part can be frustrating but it's worth the result!

and there you have it a nice lace button up for fall!!!  I am so proud that I finished a project from the failure box!


  1. What a great idea, that is a very nice shirt and if I had a sewing machine I would try this project. Thank you for the great content.

    P.S. I have nominated you for a Liebster award. To find out more about click here.


  2. Very cute! One of those times I wish I could use a sewing machine.

  3. i pinned it for later reference. just love it!

  4. i love this shirt! so glad you dug it out of the box. it's awesome!


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