Did you know? Prove your NOT a Robot

Death to word verification!    Word verification by Oscar Wilde. Image by Panna Lemoniada    http://pannalemoniada.blogspot.com.au/2010/08/rowerowanie.html
I have been thinking of throwing out a new type of post where I share with you something I recently figured out that I didn't know anything about. These things may be obvious to some of you but I wish someone would have posted about it instead of me spending endless hours discovering it.

So did you know that you can turn off that annoying comment word verification when someone tries to comment on your blog? 

Maybe you did and you like that little "Prove your not a Robot" box. If so... ignore what I have to say about it because this is my personal opinion and you might have a real good reason it is still on. 
Death to Word Verification. Just. Say. No.

For those of you who still don't realize what I am talking about... basically when you comment on someone who has this option turned on you will submit your comment only to find that you have to cross your eyes to determine a alien language and attempt to type it into the box to confirm the comment. Let me tell you... I really hate this but some of the blogs I love I will take the time to do this because I love you! 
I Am A Reader, Not A Writer: Blogging, Word Verification & Spam Comments
Lately it seems that it has gotten more blurry or maybe my sight is getting worse so I try to attempt typing this silly word/phrase/number in at least 3 times. Sometimes my computer just erases the comment after multiple attempts... and I honestly give up because I forget what I said and the comment is usually more than a sentence long. 

Lastly I want to say this. I turned off my word verification thing a while back and have noticed more comments. Most of those comments are longer too... which is nice because you can actually have a convo with your readers. I was a little worried about someone writing something I didn't like but that hasn't happened yet. 
How to Turn Word Verification OFF on your Blogger Blog. Your readers will thank you!
If your worried about that or spam... you can always choose to approve you comments before they post or make it where the person has to be a member of your blog to post.

All of these options can be changed by going to Settings and underneath that POSTS AND COMMENTS
Be sure to read all of your options there because you can even do other really neat things. So be sure if you want to get rid of that annoying box and make some of your readers a little less stressed.... make sure you selected NO for the Show Word Verification question.

So what do you think... useful? or not? Do you have a good reason for having this option on?  Whats your opinion should I keep doing the Did you know posts?


  1. Well look at that I had mine set for word verification, I had no idea! Thanks to this post I learned to turn it off. Because I agree, it's one of the most annoying things EVAH!! Thanks! :D

  2. I don't think I have mine set to have one...hmm.. The captcha's or whatever do seem to be getting more difficult to read. I kind of feel like they're obnoxious too, but then again my blog is probably still under the robot radar so it doesn't really need to have one at this point. Thanks for reminding me to go check mine!

    1. :) Robot radar!! .... the prove your not a robot sentence always cracks me up!

  3. These captchas are really the most annoying! I have them turned off on my blog. :)

    <3 Melissa


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