My obsession with apps and life changes

Currently obsessing over all these apps... Loving Instagram, hipstamatic, phonto, and all those other crazy simple ones like flashlight. Boy did I have a ball with that.

Besides that I'm trying to do a couple things in my personal life in attempts to make me feel better about the way I look and feel. So far it has been an interesting and aggravating process... That has left me with more anxiety than I have ever really dealt with. I'm hoping that these changes will make me happier, I just know that it takes time to get use to something different and new. I know I could probably give you more details on that subject but I don't want to jynx myself or feel pressure so I will leave it at that.

So what's your favorite apps? Are u feeling like a little change is needed in your life with it being fall and all? Lol yeah I just rhymed...


  1. just breathe... that's what i keep telling myself when the anxiety level rises. deep breath :) and your pup looks all grown up!

    1. lol he really is... kinda sad. It went by too fast. Thanks for the reminder... I am feeling better this morning,one day down and the rest of my life to go.


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