My Post Card Sneak Peek

I'm posting via my iPhone again mainly because my lovely camera is now officially broke where I can't use it :( I swear my luck always balances itself out. Any who I am pretty much loving my new iPhone and laptop... But finding that I'm checking everything multiple times and finding all sorts of cool apps! I might need to start limiting myself next week.

So here is a sneak peek of my postcard that I'm sending out today....

How are my fellow mail buds cards coming?


  1. amazingly i mailed mine today and just posted it(spoiler alert)! hope i can be as quick with the next one. so excited! thanks courtney!

  2. Hey Courtney, can you post a list of all the blogs of the people who take part in the post exchange so we can see when someone posts about it? :) it would be nice to see the progress i think! Best, Stephanie

    1. If you look in the top bar under my banner you will see a link that says Post Art Exchange... This is where you everyone will be leaving comments and links about their postcards. :) Also drop a link to your blog there!

    2. Oh thanks, I didn_t see that (obviously!) I am really excited about the mail everyday :)


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