DIY Instagram Photo Heart Wall

Hello all! I am sure your enjoying the fact that this is the last official day of the election mess! For those of you who are new to the blog I wanted to introduce you to my younger sister Nicky. She is in her first year of college and will be posting periodically and collaborating on other posts with me as well. This post was entirely created by her! So enjoy and stick around for more sweet posts from her!

I just recently painted my room, so all my walls were pretty empty except for my new pretty green that i had painted it! I also had these pictures I had printed off Kanvess from my Instagram just sitting on my desk taking up space...so I decided...I'm gonna finally do something with these...hence the DIY Heart Wall! 

 Okay first off the only supplies needed are the pictures, a wall and masking tape! 
I printed my pictures from instagram off a website called www.kanvess.com  They are pretty cheap only 25 cents a piece and there 3x3 inch squares!

My freshly painted blank wall! 

Next all you need to do is rip off a piece of tape roll it into a circle and place it on the back of each picture

Next what you wanna do is start with a single picture on the bottom, it is easiest to start at the bottom and move your way up so you can keep your heart even. I had about 14 on each side, as you can tell I stuck with a straight line then started moving the pictures over little by little to begin the heart shape.

 I still had some extra pictures so I put the rest in the center and hopefully I'll print off more to fill it all the way up! 

Pretty quick and simple! 
Hope you guys love it!

What do you all think of my new decor?
Do you have any other cool ideas?


  1. Very cute and super simple! Love it!

  2. Love the idea!

  3. cute post!!
    I finally received the second post card! :)
    you can see it here: http://inkormilk.blogspot.com/2012/11/post-art-exchange-2.html
    can't find the post art exchange page on your site anymore... also I would love to see more of the others participants posts on the project :-/ I don't have instagram or alike.
    anyways, have a great day! xx


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