Nature Walk Inspiration

It's been a while since I got out in nature and went for a stroll. I have been walking my pup around the neighborhood every morning but there is nothing like being in the woods. The hussle and bussle of people and the scrambling noise that covers up whats underneath. It nice to get a clear mind out in nature and to appreciate the simple fact that you are part of this world.

I have had some crazy thoughts lately some that would switch my whole life around if I decided to pursue them. Some that made me want to give up and then some that made me think why am I worrying... this is my life and it is life so be thankful.

I think we all have our moments of depression and sadness. A lot of us put massive pressure on ourselves to be something we think we want to be. In the end it seems to be how we handle all of it and whether we let those things overcome our joy of life. 

I know that I want to be happy but sometimes I let myself believe that certain things will make me happy. Things I need to achieve. Really why shouldn't I be happy right now? Why do I have to make myself accomplish anything in order to be happy?

Being in nature has helped me realize that this moment. Right now is happiness. I don't have to do anything but just let myself enjoy it. So that's is what I will be working on more. Filling my mind with happiness rather than pressure to do and to be. 

Nature always seems to figure out a way of helping me figure out what is bothering me deep inside. It knows what your made of and that you are simply another living organism among a trillion others. 

When I am in the wild my heart rate slows down, I can breathe deeper and feel it in my soul. I feel alive. I feel like I am here for a reason that I may never truly understand. 

The hardest part is pushing yourself to go there. To shut everything off and to take in your surroundings. To give yourself a moment to just breathe and use all your senses. 

Happy Thursday! I just wanted to say I am thankful to all my lovely friends and followers. I love reading your comments and thoughts. Thanks for being here with me :)


  1. Nature walks are good for the soul! Have you been to The Pinnacles of late?

    1. No since my grandma passed in september. We walked up there with my cousins and watched the sunset. It was the first time I watched the sunset completely. It was beautiful.

  2. I also love to walk in the woods and see all the beautiful colours of the trees with their Autumn leaves.

    1. It is just so magical outside right now. Different than any other time.

  3. such wise thoughts from such a young woman. thanks for sharing them.

  4. Great post -- pictures and words! I also love to be inspired by a nature walk.

    "When I am in the wild my heart rate slows down, I can breathe deeper and feel it in my soul. I feel alive. I feel like I am here for a reason that I may never truly understand."
    I was especially moved by this line - which I agree with completely.
    It is comforting to run across similar souls out there. I am so glad I came across your shop and your blog.


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