Post Art Progress and New Fun Ways to Share!!

The Post Art Exchange is moving right along and I am soooo proud! It's moving a lot slower than I imagined because of a few bumps along the way but that's expected when doing something new!

I got my second post card the other day!! 

I wanted to share some exciting news with you! I have been playing around so much with the blog, html and making it easier to access content on here. The exciting news is that you can now link up your blog posts about the post art exchange.

Meaning that when you get a post card and you make a blog post about it you can drop the link and it will leave a little image and connections on the Post Art Exchange Page. It is super easy so try it out! I just tried to do it with my first post and now I am just waiting for it to pop up. 

** For those of you without blogs... you may be able to drop a link if you upload the image to a site like photobucket and use the link it gives you for your image.

To gain access to Post Art Exchange Link UP and INFO... just look at the right side of the blog under Latest news for Post Art Exchange Stamp and click it!!!! Please take advantage of this as it will make this process a lot more interesting for all who are involved.

I also added a smaller button stamp for you to put on your blog... if you look under Share the love at the bottom of the right side of the blog. I will be making smaller options soon!

I will be adding a lot more to the Post Art Exchange Page so keep your eyes peeled. Let me know if you have questions or concerns by contacting me via email courtney_howard68@eku.edu or dropping a comment below.

So those of you involved... how's it coming?


  1. I've altered and sent 3 so far.

    1. Tamber can you try to link up one of your first posts from the post art exchange? I want to see how it works for you all. Thanks!

  2. hi tamber! i think i'm getting mine from you, so i've gotten those 3 and passed them on. they are going to the netherlands so i don't know how long they are taking to get there.

    1. Lisa can you try to link up the first post you did for the post art exchange? I want to see if it works for you all and how it looks. Thanks!!!

  3. Hey Courtney just linked up. Very cool!


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