Wild Style: The Mountains are Calling

My weekend turned out really well for some reason with only a few goals planned I ended up achieving a lot more. I'm thinking it is because I wasn't stressed and overwhelmed so my energy stayed high.

I have been working on this button down diy for over a month. It's one of those projects I got sick of and didn't want to ruin and then came back to and finished it off. I am really pleased with it. It says "The mountains are calling I must go...".  This week I will show you how I did it!

This is the only pair of jeans that fit me comfortably right now. I don't look very pregnant in these pics but I think button downs are becoming my close friend for some reason they slim me... I think! lol.

I also managed to make some really nice new items for the shop this week including this bracelet. Going to experiment a bit more before I list it just to see what else I can come up with.

I also made these encouraging keychains for the shop that I hope to list sometime this week. Man I killed it this weekend! It makes me feel good when I can say that! 

Top: Thirfted/ DIY
Jeans: American Eagle
Bag: Gift from Best Friend
Boots: Thrifted
Bracelet, Earrings, Keychain: Handmade
Necklace: vintage 

It's going to be gorgeous the next few days around here! I hope to get a nice walk in!

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  1. very cool shirt! and thanks for the reminder about if you get stuck on something or frustrated with it, put it down (before you ruin it) and come back to it later. That is definitely a good piece of advice. Also pretty cool that I just did a post on mountains myself, and even linked to your sketchbook workshop on it.


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