Personal Art Therapy

Were covered in Ice!! I woke up at 5 am this morning getting super excited about the snow we were going to get but instead ice! I can't leave my apartment to take packages to the post office or take my pup for a walk. Were trapped but I think this is a good thing. I wanted to take this weekend and make a short short list of personal goals. I always plan so much for myself to try to accomplish it overwhelms me and takes enjoyment out of what I do.

So this weekend I will work on Personal Art Therapy. Taking the time to devote my creative juices to new projects that are for my personal use. Feel good projects, fun projects not projects I need done or ones that have been sitting on the dreaded to do list.

After this weeks sketch I realized how good it felt to just do a project that had no purpose. Just for fun or relaxation and it seemed like therapy. It motivated me to want to pull out my paints and start exploring my fun supplies in my studio room. I am so shocked at how the Sketchbook Workshop only in it's second prompt is making me feel better unlike the dreaded 365 self portrait project which obviously didn't fit my character and left me feeling like a failure.

Besides the art therapy.... I want to clean up my computer... Create a couple new items for the shop... and get organized for this week to be productive.

You can find the 2nd Sketch book prompt here

Also you can still submit to the first one here ... and if you can't get linky to work you can drop a link in the comments below and your thoughts!

IF YOU PARTICIPATE IN THE FIRST 10 SKETCHBOOK PROMPTS YOU WILL GET A SURPRISE IN THE MAIL! Of course you can't just slap them up in one day so try to keep up as much as you can!

Thanks to all who have participated! I hope all my bloggy buds have a wonderful weekend!

What is one simple goal you would like to complete this weekend?


  1. thanks for creating this, i love sketching but find i am most productive at it if being given some direction first. creating time in my life to sketch/draw/paint is on my must do list for 2013. it seems that many bloggers are getting artsy this year and seeing the work of others inspires me even more to keep in a creative state which in turn helps me to lead a happy life. thanks for this!

    1. The exact reason I am so happy that this is working! Thanks for taking part! We keep each other motivated by doing so! :)


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