Sketchbook Workshop Entry 2

Yeah! It's time for our second Sketchbook prompt!
Don't forget to link up if you can below and share your progress! Not only does this help me see that people are participating but it helps others feel empowered to complete the prompt!

Also if you link up in all of the first 10 prompts I will send you a surprise in the mail!

So let's begin...

Sketchbook Prompt #2

Rest your pencil to a fresh sketchbook page, close your eyes and begin to move your pencil
all over the page for 15 seconds. open your eyes. spend the next 15 mins turning your scribble into
a recognizable image!

I will add a picture of my completed sketch to this post tomorrow morning. Along with my thoughts... please share yours below :)

I felt a lot better about this prompt because I felt like I didn't have to think so much like the first. I actually finished 4 mins early which surprised me. I also felt more confident and when I was done I had the urge to keep sketching. :)


  1. What a weird and fun challenge haha!

    Whoops, I just realized that I linked it to the wrong one. Well, here it is for you all to see:

    Thanks for the inspiration! :D

    1. :) Thanks again for linking up Stefan! Great work!

  2. Awww I couldn't get the first one to link-up I hope this one lets me. you can check out the first sketch here: zuleyb.blogspot.com!

    1. Zuley as long as you make it available for me to see by leaving a link in the comments I will consider it part of the link up!

    2. This thing is not being my friend lol but here it is


  3. Wow you're sketch is so wonderfully sketchy, I love it! I really need to get the hang of this quick sketch technique and need to learn to let go haha!

    1. It actually helps me to time myself and make me finish rather than sit and think about it. :) I'm excited to see what you all will come up with next!


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