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One of my favorites posts that other bloggers are doing lately is the collection posts. The Dainty Squid is the first blogger I noticed doing this and I loved it. In a collection post bloggers share their personal collections... including the strange and downright weird.  I love these types of posts for a couple reasons. The first is that I have been a big collector since I was little and collect some strange things.  Second reason is that it gives you a whole new look into someones personal life. 

You can find dainty squids collection posts here. My favorites are her brooch and tooth collection.

So I decided why not show off some of my collections and what better way to start off than by my very own vintage valentine collection!

Vintage valentines are actually hard to find... and even harder to find for a reasonable price. So my collection isn't huge but that is a good thing!

This valentine is my favorite because of it's layers.

 The older the valentine the better... I usually try to stay under 1960. I keep my vintage valentines in a zip lock bag in my filing cabinet. I think that is why I like this collection post idea so I can show off my hidden collections and remember them. One day I will figure out how to display them!

I wish I had vintage valentines from my family but sadly I don't sometimes I think that's why I collect them because I feel like I missing mementos from the past. I can't imagine why anyone would let something like this go!

Happy Monday! What do you think of the collection post idea? Would you like to see more?

What do you collect?

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