Wild Style: Heart Shaped Box

I am so excited for spring! I'm not very good at layering so I will be excited to see cool breezes die down. I am down to two pairs of jeans that I can wear and it really is frustrating. I guess the good thing is that It will force me to be more creative with outfits. 

I have already started the spring cleaning process around my apartment getting rid of two large garbage bags of clothes. I took all my skinny jeans and hid them away so I wouldn't think about the fact that I can't fit into them.

I went shopping yesterday and hated it! All the bikinis are coming out and cute short shorts. I just don't know how I am going to look by then and I grow everyday. Not that I am complaining or anything! lol! I am enjoying the fact that my pregnancy has been super good to me! My face is clearer than its ever been I am eating super healthy and having fun with it. I look in the mirror and my face looks a thousand times better than it did a 6 months ago. I also am super energized... our apartment has never looked this good and I am more organized than ever!

If I wasn't preggo I would definitely be dying my hair back red, going on a road trip this summer, buying a bikini and spring clothes right now. Oh and sipping on a glass of wine or going out on the town with my friends. It's funny how much you really miss certain things that you never thought about before or would have set aside for another day if there were no circumstances. However I think god has given me the best gift. One that requires me to take care of myself and to feel good. I'm excited to find out the gender on the 25th! Time is flying!

Top is DIY
Dress is Forever 21
Leggings are Thrifted
Boots are Rack Room

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