Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! Mine was interesting... to say the least. I really enjoyed reading all of your entries! Some made me laugh and some made me wish I was there to experience it! I love hearing from you all so thanks so much for participating!

Anyway I decided that for this giveaway I would show you how I determine a winner. I use this website called class tools it allows me to enter each name on a separate line and the it uses the fun slot machine type look to randomly select a winner. I only do it once. I took a screenshot to show you the Winner! If any of you know another way to select winners using a different site let me know. I have the hardest time finding one that doesn't require a fee. I have been using this one and it hasn't aggravated me yet!


My favorite Valentine's Day was the one a few months after the end of a tumultuous year+ relationship years ago. I was super bummed, more than usual on Valentine's Day. My dearest friend Amelia got everyone she knew (including her mom's co-workers) to send me a snail-mail valentines day card to my dorm. You can imagine what a wonderful surprise it was to have so much love from mostly strangers coming through my mailbox at my lonely dorm room at school. I didn't know it was her until well after the fact. That is TRUE love and friendship :) <3

PS isn't that just the sweetest?
Congrats! Maltiosh please send your address to this email courtney_howard68@eku.edu Label the email GIVEAWAY WINNER and if you don't here from me within a week please email again. I'm working on getting a separate email for this blog because my personal email fills up quick everyday!

I skipped valentines day but we will be back on for next thursday so hold on to your sketchbooks!

Happy Friday! Thank the lord! lol! See you all Monday!

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  1. Wow these sites charge for random selections? Evil. Thank God there wasn't a sketch. Been so busy that I haven't been able to post and link them!


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