Our Love Story

Me and Justin have been together since Halloween of 2006. That's almost 7 years now. Yeah that's kinda weird but it's always been right. We are the best of friends. We make each other laugh, cry, madder than anyone else could yet satisfied. One of the things that has kept us from falling apart over the years has been the fact they neither of us give up even in the worst of times. There has been plenty of moments when we both questioned whether we were in this for the long run but then we realized it couldn't get much better than this.

never give up <3

The story of how we meet isn't the most interesting in fact if I could change the place we met I would for the sake of a story. I was 18 working at Walmart in a very screwed up relationship. I remember walking into walmart on my days off holding my at the moment boyfriends hand wishing  I was with this cute boy on the register. When I did work I was always put near this very cute and funny boy. We passed notes and giggled like we were in elementary school. The notes always consisting of the phrase "shhhhhh... it's a secret" neither of us ever really understanding what the "secret" really was... mainly an excuse to pass a note I guess.

My relationship fell apart not to long after me and that cute guy Justin became good friends at work. Trust me it didn't fall apart because of that. The guy just up and left me without telling me anything. He did that from time to time along with hooking up with other girls and never telling me we were broke up, it was a super bad relationship that never got better. I was glad it was over but I was severely heart broken and depressed. It was a relationship that never seemed to end even after all the breakups and I didn't feel like I was worth anything.

So I kinda threw the cards up in the air at that point and did things I wouldn't normally do. One thing about Justin is he was shy when it came to asking me out so I lied and told him I went to his house to see if he was home but he wasn't. I wanted to see what he would say about it since we never hung out outside of work. He was super excited and kept telling me to come over again so one night him and his cousin came into walmart  while I was working and I asked "where is the party?" This wasn't something I ever said but I was hoping he would invite me over or we could hang out somehow. Justin hid behind a magazine while his cousin said Justin's house! I gave Justin my number and they left. I was suppose to wait in the parking lot until after work and wait till they called to get directions to his place.

I waited and waited and waited and then became super depressed. I thought for a moment well it wasn't meant to be and then as I turned the key to start my car they pulled up! Justin being as nervous as he was wrote down the wrong number and as soon as they realized it they raced over! I was nervous as I followed them but I needed to hang out with someone new! We hung out at his place with his cousin... watched movies and talked. He didn't make any moves... it was honestly a first which was a super good impression. We hung out everyday after that and it took over a week for him to ask me out!

I have always said that I would wan't Justin to be the dad to my child. Simply because he sticks around and he cares. I have never had someone take such good care of me when I was sick. Justin has always put our love first in the ways that matter. He has always accepted me and let me be whoever I wanted to be. He has brought me back down to earth and lifted me up to the stars when I needed it. I love him very much and soon we will have our own little family! How exciting right?

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  1. This is so sweet. Glad you got out of a bad thing into a really good thing.




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