Baby Bump: The beginnings of a baby book!

So remember a long while back when I was like barely 2 months and I showed you all the old album I found for $1 that I said would be my handmade baby book? Well I finally got down to turning it into one. A couple of things I realized though was that I will be definitely investing more money into this book than I would if I had a pre-made. Not because I want to but because the pages are completely blank, plus my scrap booking supplies are completely out of date. I haven't   really scrap booked in forever so my skills are a little off as well.

Still a long way to go but I primed the cover and drew out my design... still needs paint. I also got some pictures printed (another item marked off the spring bucket list) and finished 2 pages. It took me like 3 times of setting up the page, thinking I liked it and then tearing it back apart to redesign it again to my liking. I forgot how hard it is to scrapbook. It's easier for me to completely come up with an idea from scratch than to have a pile of ideas to work from and fit together. Weird... but so true.

My little sisters have been so kind to buy some special more expensive little touches for my baby book which include the date stamper, some of the letters and cute woodland stickers. I also found these mini round rainbow brads which are so neat and work great to secure my pages to in the book. I was having trouble getting washi tape and stickers to stick to the old pages but the brads work great... the next thing I want is a mini stapler from tim holts to help hold things together.

I also figured I buy a bunch of separate scrap book pages instead of a book of scrapbook pages. I always thought the books were a better deal but in reality it left me with a lot of repeats that I have been storing for years. Scrapbook trends change so frequently why do you need 5 pages of the same pattern paper. Kind of a waste unless your making something else I imagine.

My favorite scrap book find were these movable stickers. See the hot air balloon with the foxes.. you pull the little tab to get a surprise note. Which equals coolest and most perfect scrapbook stickers ever!

Do you scrapbook? Any cool scrapbook supplies you love?

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  1. It's turning out absolutely amazing! I love that portrait of you with the flowers painted on your tummy. It's super super super adorable!

    If you message me with your new address I have lots of fun bright colored paper I got a while back when I worked at Michael's. I have had it for over a year now. Bought it cause it was on sale.I tend to do that a lot... I have lots of stuff I will never use cause of my thrifting addiction lol. Cant pass up a good sale! :P Maybe you can use the items for the baby book! ❤

    1. that would be great! You can find my address through the contact button at the top :) Thanks!

    2. Ooh same one I had from before then! Just wasn't sure if there was a new place to send goodies to with the move. :)

      Expect them soon(ish)!

  2. How sweet! I'm sure making it yourself is more costly, but it's also more personal. I am terrible at scrapbooking. I have a scrapbook I started for my daughter when she was born and I've not put anything in it since she was about 6 months old... She's 6-years-old now. lol

    1. Oh goodness... that sounds like what me but I am really going to try hard keeping up with this one!


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