Weekend in Photos: Babies


Another great weekend! It seems like spring just makes any weekend great doesn't it? The fresh air, sunshine, and feeling like you have a whole new start at life. This weekend I got to hang out with my best friend from college who has a beautiful bouncing 6 month old boy. We went to our old college art building for an art show, ate and then went back to her house for a little bonfire. I haven't seen the little babe since almost a month after she had him. It's amazing how much 5 months will do. He is crawling and holding himself up, it really surprised me at how active he was. Plus I really kinda got to a see a little glimpse of what life will kind of be like for me in less than 3 months. It made me excited and a little less scared. I manage to take just a few shots of him outside right before the sunset, hopefully I can get some more another time. We just had soo much to talk about.

I also got to dress up and attend another art show this weekend. A showing of children's art from the schools in our area called The Young at Art and pass out some flyers for Art Camp this year. I finally got to go and hang out with my dad for a bit. Spent quality time with Justin and my younger sister. Plus I got a handful of projects done. Time just goes by that much faster and I start to realize how much I have to do in such a short amount of time.

PS I was just really happy to accomplish another item off my spring bucket list... hanging out with old friends and slowly pulling my camera back out so I can begin to feel comfortable with it again.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Just wanted to drop a quick comment. Love your blog. I still need to take some time to look around. beautiful!


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