Festival Prep

It's that time again when I check out my inventory and bring out the festival goods! Run 2 the Wild will be at the Mushroom Festival in Irvine, Ky this weekend! I am soo excited and glad that I decided even with this pregnancy to do it.

This is my second year doing this festival but this year we will have expanded the booth to two spots and have tons of "special festival only goods" available! Also I will have a whole new setup and some awesome creative displays I have been working so hard on! Plus some goods sold online will be available 50% off the regular price. Any goods from last year will also be discounted! The best part is I will have select items for preview from my newest festival collection that will be available online soon!

So yeah!! It has taken a lot to prepare for this festival season but so worth it in terms of how cool the booth is going to look! I can't wait to see all my local Run 2 the Wild fans visit the booth I hope they will be impressed!

The only down part is that there is a chance of rain this weekend and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it stays out of the picture!

PS can you tell how excited I am with all the --> !!!!!!!! at the end of everything. I really can't help it! I am soo ready!

My after school art club ended today which makes me sad but I am ready for the excitement of running art camp and setting up for festivals! This week is full of taking inventory, pricing, practicing setup, working on displays, packaging product and making sure we have everything packed, ready to go!

I will try to take lots of pictures for those of you who live far from me and maybe even plan some festival advice posts for those of you who are interested.

Hope your hump day was better than our rainy Kentucky one!

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