Sketchbook Prompt #10 and Link Up

With spring inspiring us to be outside and the fun of summer on the rise this will be the last sketch prompt you will be seeing for a while! Even I am finding it hard to concentrate on a sketch post while the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming so I think its time for a break!

No worries though we will be back in action with a new and improved area for artistic expression on the blog. I plan on having ART PROMPTS that will include all sorts of materials and developing little fun creative lessons that you all can take part in here on the blog. So I am very excited! That's what I will be working on this summer while I get use to my baby situation!

So stay tuned and enjoy the spring and summer! I will be focusing on some awesome diy posts this season so enjoy those as well!

Sketchbook Prompt #10

Use a fresh sketchbook page to draw out your daily routine. No words, just pictures! Be creative!!

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