You see hair chalking everywhere! The good thing about it for us preggos is that it gives us the excitement of coloring our hair without harsh chemicals that could be harmful to our pregnancy! Hair chalking was one of the items on my Spring Bucket List and I am so glad I finally tried it! I love the results.

There are tons of tutorials on how to hair chalk... but what make this one special is that I learned a lot of tips from trying this to make it easier for you. Things that other tutorials didn't specify.

Supplies: A spray bottle full of water, straightening iron or curling iron or blow dryer or all three, soft chalk pastels (art store)

My hair type is naturally severe curls... I almost always straighten it and I wash it every other day to keep it from drying out. I have also not dyed my hair since I found out I was preggo.. so my roots are long.

STEP ONE: Pick out sections of your hair you want colored.

STEP TWO: Soak the strand of hair with spray bottle.

STEP THREE: Rub pastel on the wet strand in a downward stroke.
TIP: CHEAP PASTEL CHALK DOES NOT WORK, I had 3 different sets of chalk that I use for pastel chalk drawing and the slightly more expensive set was wonderful. The cheap set from Walmart did not work.
STEP FOUR: Use straightener iron to dry hair.
TIP: Don't pull strand through hair it removes some of the color instead close and reopen the flat iron in sections of strand. I also found that it was better to go ahead and use a curling iron instead of a flat iron if I was wanting curls.
TIP: The chalk left me wanting to brush my hair but believe me... DON'T BRUSH IT!  The chalk will just lighten and disappear!
It also made my hair feel really thick however I really enjoyed it. I think hair chalking works great for when you just want something different for a day or two. Like a game night or party or festival or a fun photo shoot!

I can't wait to show you the photo shoot we took with our hair chalked for the Festival Collection that will be in the shop this weekend!
Have a wonderful Friday! Check back Monday for a week full of fantastic posts I have planed!!


  1. love it! my hairs to dark to do this though :(

  2. How long will it stay in?? I love this idea!

  3. My hair is black, so i think that don't work in my hair :(


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