Date Night: Put Put in Iphone Pics

Ever since I found out I was pregnant my life kind of went crazy or it seemed like it did. Finally things are settling and I am beginning to understand that it will be ok. Justin and I took some time apart which helped us realize how much we miss and need each other now more than ever. We aren't jumping back into a place together anytime soon were just taking the time to figure it all out and enjoy each others company. I am so happy we made the hard decision of taking the time apart because it really worked. Were smiling and were taking care of each other. 

One of the hardest things after being together for almost 7 years is trying to find something new and exciting to do. You either get stuck in a rut of movies and fast food dates or you just get in fights about what to do. Both of you want the other to plan a fantastically fun date because you feel like your always the one making the plans but in reality both of you have a hard time figuring out what to do after all it feels like you have done everything.

That's been a problem for Justin and I for some time now. Then I recently came across this post on how to keep the spark by The Freckled Fox and began to see things a little differently when it comes to my relationship with Justin. Reading through the list I saw a bunch of things we did do always but then I saw some things that I took for granted. It helped me realize that a relationship shouldn't feel like a chore, it should just flow and when you allow it to flow it will all work out.

Today it flowed. We didn't argue or fight we just went with it. We didn't bother each other about what we were doing next, we just went with it. It was a good day, that was the only "plan" in my head and crazy enough it worked. I haven't seen such genuine smiles on our faces in a while.

So as random as this post is I guess what I am saying is that one of my new personal goals will be making date nights more interesting. That includes making time for dates, cutting off from technology during dates, keeping a list of interesting date ideas, and pushing ourselves to do something a little different but not aggravating each other about what is next. The motto is Let it Flow... I am imagining myself saying this when I catch us beginning to question our date. 

The exciting thing is this baby girl will bring a whole new kind of date night for us. It will make the simple things more exciting. However I want to make sure that when we get a chance by ourselves again when she arrives we are sure to make it special. 

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