The Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Yes I went to another pumpkin patch. Being a mother has made me want to live to the fullest and take this little one... anywhere I can more than once. In 6 days she will be 3 months! It definitely is getting easier to pack her around to places. She just started giggling and making monkey noises back and forth with me (talking). She is also grabbing things and trying to turn over. She can hold her head and chest up when on her belly and look around. Plus she just keeps getting cuter. Her cuteness is so hard to resist that it keeps me from getting anything done most days but were slowly figuring out how to work around that. 

It's amazing how much of a blessing my baby girl is. She has brought my family closer together and made us appreciate the little things a lot more. I noticed my family has become more patient, kind, giving and loving. Juniper has given us all a purpose to live a better and happier life. 

I think the biggest enjoyment I get out of life is helping others be happy. Juniper was a gift I could give to my whole family... a little bundle of unconditional love. She is a little pumpkin pie that everyone can get a piece of. She is my amazing little blue eyed, curly headed blessing. At this point my life is complete if something was to happen to me I would leave this world satisfied.

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