4 Months with Juniper Ray

Every day is so special with miss Juniper Ray. We share giggles, tears, pouty and smiley faces on an everyday basis. Little Juni can scoot across the bed and she is beginning to accidentally flip herself over when on her back and belly. She is screaming with excitement now like shes practicing what her lungs can do. She follows mommy's hand to pet our dog, to grab food off the plate and to even grab mommy's hair which is the one thing that she doesn't seem to want to let go of. She loves to get up early and get moving or going somewhere. Lately little June wants to be right by mommy because when mom leaves her with anyone else she will scream at the top of her longs after about 30 mins like her arm is being twisted until mommy picks her up and then she is just fine. Everyday me and her Gammy and Aunties talk about how special, wonderful, beautiful and amazing she is. Hands down we all agree that life wouldn't be wonderful without this little pumpkin pie in our lives. She is a sweet blue eyed angel that mommy just can't get enough of.

This month she made her first trip out of state, her first trip to the gym to work out with mommy and celebrated her 1st holiday Halloween (one of mommy's favorites). Mommy feels lucky to be able to take care of her everyday and wishes the days were just a little longer so that we could spend more time together. Mommy is excited to take Juniper's first Christmas pictures, to make her 1st stocking, wrap her first christmas presents and be thankful this thanksgiving for the best thing that ever happened to her. Love you Ju Ju bee.

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