5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Right now I'm a twenty years old attending Eastern Kentucky University. This year is my sophomore year and I have to say it's definitely not easy. It's not like high school where I could just breeze by and not have to do any work to make A's or B's. 
College and Life are experiences and there ones that can bring you down or pull you up. A couple of weeks ago I was so on top of a lot things, my homework, classes, getting some things done personally, thinking and writing some of my first blog posts!! (eek!) I felt on top of the world...then I dropped off the bandwagon, feeling unmotivated, tired and lazy and like things were piling up on top of me like a ton of bricks. Lately I've been slowly catching back to a few things that are making me feel back on top, and I wanted to share with you a few of these things..

Lists: These can definitely be scary, some of us tend to write tons of these without checking one thing off and then getting aggravated thinking that you got nothing done. I don't know why, I was never a list maker before but these have definitely kept my mind in order. Also keeping a calender and writing dates does wonders for you brain!

Eating Healthy: You may think that sugary coffee will get you through the day, Let me tell you it won't! A healthy meal, or even substituting that coffee for a *not sugary* smoothie will do you wonders!! I got a smoothie maker for my anniversary and it has been awesome! It gives me lots of energy, and helps me think more clearly. And eating little snacks throughout the day, don't starve yourself until 5 o'clock, all that does is give me a headache! 

Take Breaks: This would be something I couldn't stress enough, staring at an assignment for 5 hours isn't going to do you any good, take a break, listen to some music, relax and unwind! Its a proven fact concentrate on something for around 45 minutes to and hour and then take a 15 minute break, you will take in more and hopefully not saying...I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna!! 

Exercise: No I'm not telling you, you have to get a gym membership, and workout everyday for 2 hours. I'm telling you go for a walk even if it is 10 minutes, take a quick jog with your dog, do a couple of stretches in your room or at work! Any kind of exercise is good exercise.

Procrastination: The best thing I can say about this is DON'T! It only hurts you in the end and makes you feel tired and worn out when you finally got the project done. This semester of school I've been trying hard to kick myself out of this habit, and its working! When I get homework or projects done the day or day after I get it, I'm not stressing and I get better grades. We all know not too, but really try to consciously make yourself stop.

I honestly could write a book about each of these because there all so important!! If anything just remember to relax and enjoy life, it only happens once and things will always work out how there supposed too! 
What are your ways to stay motivated? 
Nicky :)


  1. I'm in the final year of high school. It has been scary plus motivating . Sometime I feel to be on the TOP of the world and in another moment , I am down . I get motivated by talking and sharing experiences with my sister and try not to focus what's negative.

    1. I am the same way! My sisters are my best friends!! Just remember life goes on and you and me both got the whole world ahead of us! Good Luck!!
      ~Nicky :D

  2. I'm in the exact same boat--sophomore in Ohio, so all this cold weather has made me extra extra unmotivated. I'm definitely a list-maker though, they help so much!

    1. I know its a hard road, I know we can do it though! Its pretty cold in KY too, we had a few warm days and it was awesome! Lists are so great, great little reminders! :)


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