Upcycle Recipe Book

I wanted to share with you a quick, simple DIY/Upcycle!
So I've been trying to cook lately, I'm not a great one but I'm learning...I currently have only one recipe in the book because I only know one recipe from scratch without using a box! 
Any who I thought what a great way to try new things than to make myself my own little recipe book!
What you'll need, a photo album, with sleeves made for 4x6's. (usually what pictures are normally sized)
Some scrapbook sticker letters, I got my sets from my local Michael's store on sale! You can always use a paint marker or permanent marker to write it out if you don't want to buy any letters.
And last but not least, I used some of my extra project life cards (you get ten of the same one in a set!) For this you can always cut out 4x6 cards of your favorite scrapbook paper!
My one and only recipe, my grams delicious stroganoff! 
Obviously just write out your recipe on the card with the directions, I like to add in extras like quick and easy sides to go with it.
Just stick your letters to the front, you can put whatever you like! Some ideas: Recipes, Delicious Recipes, Cookbook, Good Eats...
Also you can always embellish it with more things I wanted to keep mine simple, because when I add more I usually feel like I mess it up! 
Do you all have any good recipes I can try and add to my recipe book?
I'd love to hear! 
-Nicky :)

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