Little Goals for September

lots of special new crystal rings in the shop

I am so jam packed for September and I won't lie... I set it up that way. I have been so into my business and burning the midnight oil to make this little dream a reality that I haven't really thought about anything else. I take everything I make, turn back around and put it right back into this business so I am broke but that's ok. I do it because to be honest with you I love it! This really is my dream job. Being able to design things for other people to wear and enjoy, building a brand from my own perspective on style, and creating. The perks for me are talking to my customers and meeting with them it's like having a bunch of friends all over the world that I can send special packages too. I have always loved doing things for people and making things special so this job fits me like a glove.

As for personal life I have done something fun every weekend for the past 4 or 5. We went camping to see my gram and gramps grave, we went to dolly wood, kings island and rode every roller coaster, Went 4 wheeling in tn and camped out in a storm, Went to a baseball game, went to an art fair, went to the county fair and... let's just say we made the most of the summer even though it seemed summer wasn't going anywhere we made it go somewhere. I'm also proud to say that I am still involved in my buti fitness class which is a goal I have tried to achieve for way too long.

Even though my calender is covered in permanent marker I still want to make time for other things rather than just business...

1. Work on baby book
2. Enjoy the outdoors
3. Finish my book
4. Finish organizing my finances
5. Cook some meals
6. Work on my studio
7. Put up a Fence
8. Pay my bills

What are some of your goals? Did you enjoy your summer

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