Sacred Things

I think it is important to have secrets.
I think that will live in a world today where people think secrets are ways of hiding.
To me secrets are ways we enjoy our time with ourselves.
Secrets are what separate us from being part of everyone else.
Secrets are what make life interesting
Secrets are what make us feel alive.

When I talk about secrets I am not talking about the kind of secrets that could hurt or harm anyone. I am talking about our own secrets our own sacred things that we like to do but we don't want anyone to know about. I think people often feel like a secret is something they should be ashamed of. I think that's wrong because secrets are powerful little moments that allow ourselves to be free. Completely free. I don't think we should consider a secret to be a bad thing. It is a good thing. We shouldn't feel the need to be public and become part of everyone's blur. We need our own little moments that no one knows about, that are just for us.

Don't be ashamed of your secrets
Don't feel like the world demands your secrets be announced so that you can be free.
You are as free as you allow yourself to be.


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