Studio Time

 Thanks to the help of my older sister I managed to make it back in my studio a couple of days ago. I should have taken pictures but honestly I wouldn't want to see that mess ever again. It was truly embarrassing and definitely having a effect on my creative process.

I can now actually walk in, sit down and think... but looking at everything I realize its been a while since I looked around my studio. It's a smorgusboard of stuff... nothing makes sense. There are too many things grabbing my attention. It's hard to focus.

So I spent all tonight picking up the details and tomorrow I attack my inspiration boards. These bulletin boards are where I pin things that I am interested in or inspired by. The problem is it is right in front of my face and I rarely pull from it so I am going to try to figure it out or at least clear them off.

I am ready to start fresh for fall! I know I think way ahead... summer just started right? The thing is if I don't start getting inspired for fall now... I will never be ready for it.

So I may take some before pictures of my work area tomorrow but it all depends on how brave I am. So my studio is my focus for the fourth... wish me LUCK!

 Where do  you work when your home? Any tips for being more focused in my studio?

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  1. love the stack of fabrics! sorry i don't have any advice for being focused in the studio, mine sounds just like yours. :) wishing you luck!


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