DIY Valentine Love Book

I never buy a card for someone special. I always feel like I need to make something more special! For the past couple of years I have been making Justin little handmade scrapbooks of us for valentines day. Last year I made the very popular 52 reasons I love you (deck of cards). This year I wanted to make something smaller and simpler because time is of the essence around here.

This book is super easy and made of paper lunch bags! It's a project that can be done in a hour. Plus it makes a great keepsake to hold your memories :)

 Supplies... looks like a lot but all of this can vary.
All you really need are the basics to make the book..

  • scissors
  • lunch bags (I used 5 to have 10 pages but you could do as little as 3! oh and they are nice if they are white but I have used brown bags before too!)
  • Assorted ribbon, trim or string
  • hole punch 
Extra fun Scrapbooking supplies... (can be anything!) ex. stamps, paints, papers, punches

and don't forget your memories... letters, flat keepsakes, photos!

To make sure I punched each bag in the same spots I used a pencil and the first bag I punched to mark the other bags.

Double knot your ribbon and trim if it's too much!

Some ideas for decorating your pages...

I used our fingerprints to make hearts!

 The neat part is that you have storage pockets between the bags that have the openings!

A great place for all those love notes! I used cute little paper clips to keep them shut!

And there you have it!

Get creative and look around your home for things to use on this project.... ps those hearts are paint sample chips!

So what do you think?


  1. ahhh love it! the pocket idea is awesome :)

  2. This is ridiculously sweet! I'll have to give this a go!


  3. I love this idea!!! Very Cute-May have to steal your idea ;) Have you ever thought about making cards using cardstock(different colors) and making felt designs. I am loving felt. I made a card a few weeks ago, that has a felt mushroom house-It turned out so cute. Thanks for the idea. I am now ready to get to valentine crafting! Thanks again!


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