Sketchbook Entry 4

It's Thursday again and that means another sketchbook prompt! You all having been doing some neat things with these challenging prompts I can't wait to see what you come up with for this one!

I will be giving myself 10- 15 mins to finish this one once I have the stain dried. Get creative with your stain... think of everyday objects that can create a stain on your clothes and use those on your paper!

Sketchbook Prompt #4
Create a stain on a clean sketchbook page using anything!
Use the stain to create a image with your pencil!

I should have mine posted this afternoon...!

So lets hop to it!

PS. A couple of you have asked if it's too late to participate and guess what? It's never too late! So join in! Those who complete the first ten prompts and submit through linky will get a surprise in their mailbox. Of course this will not work if you submit all 10 prompts on the day of the 10th prompt so please remember that!


  1. Tut tut....don't tell me I'm the only other person who came up with something for this one. I'm actually quite happy with mine. Took me a few moments to think of toothpaste....all of the first things that popped to mind seemed too normal. And the orange swirl in mine lent well to a fox. :)

    1. You did an awesome job Emily! Thanks so much for sharing! The toothpaste idea is something I would have never thought of... so creative! I bet it smells good too!

      Thanks again for linking up it means a lot!

    2. You're quite welcome. :) Thanks for inspiring. I do get a burst of minty freshness now whenever I flip by that page.

  2. I might be a bit late, but I did it! Man, this one was fun! And I finally used pencil instead of a pen this time. :P I liked it better. :)


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