2013 Festival Collection In the Shop Now

This is the second official collection in the shop and I am so proud. The stars of this collection are definitely the spirit necklaces. They really mean so much to me because of the quality of the pieces, the craftsmanship and attention to details. They hold so much meaning and I really feel like a bit of my spirit went into each one. These necklaces are limited edition meaning that they may or may not be made again. Precious materials were carefully selected for the dreamer, the rebel, the peacemaker, and the warrior to symbolize the power of each spirit. The deer suede cord is super soft on the neck and adjusts nicely to any size.

I am also in love with the peace catchers a new version of the limited edition dream catchers that I bring into the shop. I have had a lot of customers wondering about dream catchers I made in the past... if I would ever make another like them. Unfortunately the dream catcher process for me is very random. I really have to be in the mood and I never replicate another dream catcher to look exactly like one I have made in the past. I really feel like putting a dream catcher together is like creating a work of art... I am not putting them together to try to mass produce and make a profit. Dream catchers haven't been in the shop in a while and the reason is that my soul hasn't been feeling like it's ready to create one. The next dream catcher will be a super special one for my baby girls room! I can't wait to start!

Also if you haven't checked yet we still have two winners who haven't claimed their prize.... see if you have won here.

PS... I haven't heard much from any of you lately... what are you up to this weekend?


  1. Everything is so lovely!

    Also, I just realized I am one of the winners from your giveaway xD Thanks for saying something here or I wouldn't have noticed. Should I email you? :)

  2. Send your address to Run2thewild@gmail.com :)


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