Date Night : Pontoon in iPhone pics

Please excuse the blurry pics and the late post this week. I haven't felt the best to be honest with you so I have tried to stay relaxed. Plus I have been adding daily exercise into my schedule which leaves me exhausted. It is pretty pathetic how a couple walks around the park puts me in to a 3-4 hour sleep coma when I get home. I am starting to feel the uncomfortable pains of pregnancy I guess and trying to get ready for labor. 

This was probably the best date night I have ever had. It was last minute and involved my two younger sisters. We enjoyed an afternoon on a pontoon! We went swimming, fishing and rode around the lake. The end of the night was spent on a cove roasting hot dogs on a campfire and playing with sparklers. It really couldn't get any better than that!

32 weeks! 

I have so much going on during the end of my pregnancy. A camp in less than 3 weeks to plan and prepare for, a surprise for my sisters birthday, still have to set up and finish the babies room, and prepare myself for labor.  

How is your week going?

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