If you really know me... you know that I think a lot. It's kind of a family curse. The pregnancy has only made it worse because when I wanted to settle my thoughts before a glass a wine always seemed to do the trick, now that's not possible. However it has been a good thing because I am understanding my thoughts a lot better.

Now that I have a child to consider my dreams seem like they need to change. I struggle with that a lot wondering if everything I wanted before is still possible with her in the picture. I always come back to the same conclusion which is that my new babe can only make my dreams bigger and stronger. That's what I have to believe. If I back down from my dreams now did they really mean anything in the first place?

I guess now that I know this for sure I feel like it's time to make a big move. I know a big move means a big risk but what do I have to lose? I feel it deep in my bones I am ready for a risk. Of course I still have my baby to consider but she is the one who has made me want to take a leap of faith and dive into my dreams. I don't think she is going to hold me back, if anything she will drive me forward. With all the struggles of pregnancy I really believe that it really does the soul good because it strips you of what if's and puts you into super hero mode.

Truth is I am not 100% what that big move is yet. I do know that you have to start it by claiming it.  Big moves don't just take a week or day to manifest they take longer. I will enjoy my babes first year and hopefully during that year I can take the time to draw out the route of my big move.It scares me but sometimes I need to blog it out and convince myself that I know what I am thinking.

As random as this post may seem I look at planting something as claiming something in life. It takes putting the seed in the ground before it will grow and growth takes time.

PS... I am on a roll with my spring bucket list. I planted this three tiered flower basket for my mom. I love her more than anything in this world.

Happy Friday loves! Enjoy your weekend and I will see you Monday with a giveaway winner!

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