Date Night: Moving Mountains in Iphone Pics

I have never felt more out of shape since being pregnant in my entire life. I feel about 90 years old. My get up and go is no more. I have to drag myself to do things I use to love to do. I use to climb this mountain at least twice a month but since finding out I was preggo I haven't climbed it. The reasons are because I couldn't even make it half way without feeling like I was going to pass out. My brain was ingrained into thinking that this mountain wasn't going to be moved until after the baby got here. 

However... I am proud to say that I climbed that mountain. I don't know what got into me but I felt the need to do it. It did take about 3 times longer than it ever has and afterward a long lasting burning pain in my lower back but when I got to the top I felt like I could do anything, including labor. I needed to climb this mountain so I could feel accomplished. I have felt so defeated lately and this climb allowed me to get over it at least for now. 

I can't wait to get my stamina back after the baby gets here. I will say I used the pregnant excuse a lot to get out of exercise which is something I kind of regret but I am working hard for the last 8 weeks to get my body ready for labor. I'm trying to get more water into my diet. Trying to cut back the "eating for two" and trying to walk, stretch and strength train every chance I can. Oh and enjoying lots of naps. It won't be long....

PS... I am realizing that date nights are making me a lot happier and I am enjoying these moments before baby more than I have ever enjoyed moments like these. 

Are you getting sick of my date night posts yet?

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